Anzac Parade taking shape

31 October 2017

Over 4km of track is now in place on Anzac Parade in Kensington and Kingsford – a significant achievement along one of Sydney’s busiest roads.

With track in place, the focus is moving to kerbside work along the length of Anzac Parade. This work includes undergrounding the electrical and communications networks to properties. This will allow the replacement of old overhead wiring poles with new smart poles for Anzac Parade. These poles will support both the street lights and overhead wiring for the new light rail.

This month the next stage of work for the Nine Ways intersection was completed, with construction of track north of the intersection near completion. This will also mark the completion of track installation for Zone 30, Anzac Parade between High Street and Rainbow Street. Work in this area will now focus on the construction of track through the intersection and south of the intersection, running into Kingsford terminus.

In Zone 29, Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street, the focus will move from the centre of Anzac Parade to the kerbside, with work on stormwater installation, utility work, pavement construction and the installation of smart poles. Traffic changes will be in place, including the reinstatement of the right turn from Anzac Parade northbound into Todman Avenue, and the removal of the temporary right turn at Doncaster Avenue. This will reflect end-state traffic arrangements at these intersections.

As existing street lights are removed to make way for kerbside work, temporary street lighting will be placed along Anzac Parade. Temporary lighting will be located within the light rail work site, either in the median of Anzac Parade or at the kerb. Permanent street lighting will be reinstated when new poles are installed.