Anzac Parade straightens up

9 April 2017

Anzac Parade has been restored to its original alignment outside Moore Park following eight months of traffic diversion for light rail construction.

The six-lane curved diversion between Lang Road and the Albert Tibby Cotter Bridge began operating in July 2016 to allow construction of the roof and walls for the CBD and South East Light Rail tunnel under the road.

Now that traffic has returned to the original alignment, excavation will start under the diversion, to connect this part of the tunnel to the cut-and-cover section of the tunnel under the Moore Park playing fields. Variable speed limits will be maintained while the road surface is regraded, and once this is completed, Anzac Parade will be returned to its original speed limit of 70km/h by early May. Once construction of the tunnel is completed, the area will be restored to its former use including the replanting of trees.

The CBD and South East Light Rail tunnel under Anzac Parade will provide a direct link between Central Station and the sporting and entertainment precinct at Moore Park.