Aboriginal artefacts discovered in Randwick

30 March 2016

More than 22,000 remnants of Sydney's Aboriginal history have been discovered during construction of a light rail stabling yard at Randwick.

The project team are working with a range of Aboriginal representatives to ensure the find is appropriately studied, recorded and recognised. 

Watch the video above to find out more about the artefacts from archaeologist Jane McMahon and Darug elder Gordon Morton.


June 2017 – update

Around 32,000 stone items were discovered in 2016 at the Randwick Stabling Yard. A Plan of Management has been developed, in conjunction with the four Registered Aboriginal Parties to identify the composition and origin, suitably store and protect the items, and establish the best way to recognise and commemorate this important find.

This Plan of Management also outlines the additional research required, and suggests measures to be implemented to mitigate impacts. It considers cultural mapping to learn more about the materials and their origin, interpretation displays to increase community understanding of Randwick’s rich local Aboriginal history and examines the potential to acknowledge its importance through educational material for local schools and universities.

Under the guidelines established, the stone items are currently being stored with the Heritage Consultants where chemical analysis is being used to accurately determine their composition and origin.

We will continue to work with the Aboriginal groups and the Office of Environment and Heritage to ensure the best outcome for this find and for any others as construction continues along the 12-kilometre light rail route.